Kosher Safaris

 Laughing Hyena Safaris takes the frum traveler on the adventure of a lifetime, without compromise on kashrut, quality or price.

Who thought that you and your family could enjoy a truly Kosher experience in the African bush?

We have partnered with some of South Africa’s leading game lodges who allow us to take over their kitchens for the duration of your stay. In the more remote areas we always fly in our own food, chefs and mashgichim. We set up temporary kosher kitchens and provide imported kosher ingredients, which you can inspect for yourself.

Our deep passion for tourism and torah has created an opportunity for religious Jews from around the world to experience South Africa on a kosher holiday and in a way that suits their values, palate, and budget.


Catering for the Torah-observant tourist with three gourmet kosher le’mehadrin meals a day, all supervised by the Johannesburg Beth Din, even Kiddush wine and Shabbat candles – now you can be certain in the knowledge that we’re taking care of all your religious needs.

Our professional tour guides, are locals with expert knowledge of every area we visit. They are well known for their fascinating stories about the spectacular scenery and incredible wildlife you will see. On every tour you will most likely see Africa’s Big Five – lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and buffalo.